After Nepal earthquake 2015 our company’s Managing Director invited his Japanese friend to Bangladesh for checking about building designing sector. Japanese professional team visited several time to Bangladesh, meet with many professional people and attend many seminar and conference. Lastly, decided to open a company which will for Consulting, Construction, Real Estate, Trading…. Etc and that is “SAKURA JB LIMITED”.

Board Directors:

1. Mr. Inagaki Yasuji - Chairman – Japan National

2. Mr. Mohammad Tariqul Islam Sikder - Managing Director- Bangladesh National

3. Mr. Hirano Kazuhiro - Director - Japan National

4. Mr.Humayun Sikder - Director - Bangladesh National

5. Mr. Emon Sikder - Director - Bangladesh National

Advising Members Engineering Section :

1. Mr. Sasaki Kazuho - Engineer - Japan National

2. Mr. Hane Yoshihiro - Engineer - Japan National

3. Mr. ChoHonrgri - Engineer - Korean National

4. Mr. Nakamura Susumu - Engineer - Japanese National

5. Mr. Ishibashi Nobuo - Engineer - Japanese National


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