SERVICES : Engineer/ Procure/ Construct (EPC)


The Engineer/Procure/Construct (EPC) delivery method protects budgets, timelines and quality on large-scale, complex projects with aggressive milestones. The paradigm ensures that the design, procurement and construction professionals work in close teamwork, increasing communication and reducing the chance for expensive change orders and scope creep.

Sakura’s in-house professionals, and project partners, work closely to identify and resolve critical issues early to produce quality, functional designs, protect equipment orders and keep construction on schedule. This comprehensive approach reorders the traditional task order to ensure that long-lead materials and foundational activities are organized to achieve the desired project results.

Based on the client’s timeline and preferences, Sakura JB Limited approached the project using the EPC method. We always think that we are responsible for the successful design, material purchasing oversight and general contracting of all critical facility.


EPC teams typically manage activities on a blended timeline in the following project areas:

• Design
• Engineering
• Permitting
• Financing
• Procurement
• Construction
• Operation & Maintenance


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