Vision and Mission and Core values:

Vision statement
To contribute in economic growth of the country by providing optimum heavy equipment and carrying solution for execution of projects in infrastructure, mining, quarrying, construction sectors.

Mission statement
To become number one and the first choice company in heavy equipment and carrying industry by providing global sourcing for customized local solution. Become a knowledge based and innovative company for maximum gains.

Core values (SCOPE)
• Strong- A strong group with a very strong supply network and a strong understanding of the market.

• Committed- We deliver quality service as committed, thanks to careful planning, skilled personnel and big stock. Trust by the customer is above everything.

• Organized- System based and structured solutions are pre conditions for any well-organized company.

• Professional – Understanding of customer needs, knowledge of global sources, long experience in the sector and updated technology all combined would make us a highly professional body.

• Effective-Our results based management (RMB) has a focus on output of a project and centers on end results.

Our sister concern FEELS Bangladesh Ltd.controlling our equipment rental sector andhave lot of experiencesupplyin market.


Facility and logistics:

We stock a wide variety of new, used and rebuiltheavy equipment components...




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